Teaching Physics At UCSD

Vivek Teaching

In Winter 2007 I am teaching freshman mechanics.

In Winter 2006, I taught freshman mechanics. All lectures and discussion session from this course were webcast. You can get the lecture slides from the PHYS2A course website and download video/audio podcasts of all lecture & discussion sessions from the Streaming video website .

Matt & Ryan, who were my teaching assistant for this course, have prepared a set of helpful (step-by-step) problem solving tutorials which you can view or download as Quicktime movies from the solved! website.

In Spring 2005 I taught Quantum Physics for Physics Majors. You can view all lecture notes, weekly schedule etc from the 4E class website.

In Winter 2005 I taught Einstein's theory of Relativity and Quantum Physics to UCSD Science and Engineering majors. You can view the 2D web site for that class.

Three years ago I developed and implemented web streaming-on-demand for lower division Physics 2D course. About 8000 minutes of video of my lectures nd Brian Wecht's excellent discussion sessions have been streamed for the benefit of the UCSD students. This was the first ever deployment at UCSD and was financially supported by the Vice-chancellor Miller's Instructional Improvement program at UCSD. The students loved this educational tool. You can view their raw comments to an annonymous questionaire here. Here is a talk I gave on this experience to the enthusiasts on the UCSD campus.